The Memories Of Our Time Together In School

In the recent years with everything happening in our world memories of the time we spend together in school is more special than ever. Our goal is to help your school yearbook program create a yearbook which represents these moments spent together in a personal creatively designed book. RWP's history over the past 34 years has been to publish high quality books with attention to detail and service while at the same time being effecient so your books are the most affordable to the parents and students. Contact us to setup a visit so we can show you how RWP can help your school.


The Software 

Pictavo is a completely online program. It allows you and your team to work on different pages simultaneously. This easy to use program has completely custom themes and layouts that will make your book stand out from the rest.

Custom Cover Design

Pictavo offers custom cover templates. If none of those fit what you want your book to look like, we can create any kind of cover design you can think up.

Custom Page Design

With a library of 30+ yearbook themes, there isn't one that won't stand out. Each theme as many different templates to fit your yearbook content. Like a certain template but don't like where a couple photos are placed? That is OK too. We can take a template and move things around or change fonts until it is what you want.